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Abell Nepp - Wellcome Genome Campus 25-year Vision

Wellcome Genome Campus 25-year Vision
Wellcome Trust

Location: Hinxton, Cambridge
Status: Study complete

Abell Nepp was appointed to develop a vision for the expansion of their campus. Collaborating with LDA Design and the Client, a dynamic vision was created to ‘kick-start’ the masterplanning process.

Supporting genomics and biodata-related research with new academic, incubator and grow-on spaces, the landscape-centric proposal preserves the natural beauty of the site and supports the neighbouring villages.

This Campus Vision was the catalyst that secured approvals from the Wellcome Trust Executive Board and Investments Division to embark on the Outline Planning process currently underway.

Design Team:
Abell Nepp (Architect|Lead Consultant), LDA Design (Landscape Architect|Visuals)