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Abell Nepp - East Malling Research Campus

East Malling Research Campus
East Malling Trust | NIAB EMR

Location: East Malling, Kent
Status: On-going
Area: 200 hectares

Founded over a century ago, the East Malling Research Campus is one of the foremost research facilities specialising in perennial horticultural crops. The Kent campus is home to over 60 research and business enterprises and is managed by the East Malling Trust. In 2016, NIAB took over the research business and formally became NIAB EMR.

Sharing the 200-hectare site with the 18th Century Grade I listed Bradbourne House and parkland, the research campus is immersed in its surrounding research fields.

Working with the Trust and NIAB EMR, Abell Nepp produced a development vision for EMR’s next century of horticultural research. Recently, we have assisted in the development proposals for the first phase of works to relocate the horticultural zone enabling the replacement of the research glasshouses.

Design Team:
Abell Nepp (Architect|Lead Consultant), Savills (Planning), Skinner Associates (MEP), Cambridge HOK (Glasshouse Consultant), Essentia (PM)