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Abell Nepp - EGNATON 8TH Annual Conference

EGNATON 8TH Annual Conference

Abell Nepp was invited to speak at the European Association for Sustainable Laboratories (EGNATON) 8th Annual Conference in Munich, however, the COVID pandemic cancelled the physical conference.

It has been substituted with a series of online webinars. The first series will be presenting recently completed ‘flagship science buildings’. Abell Nepp led off this series speaking about our involvement in the design and delivery of the Michael Uren Biomedical Engineering Research Hub.  

Along with Buro Happold Engineering, Abell Nepp delivered an hour-long presentation and Q&A, touching on topics such as: challenges faced in designing adaptable laboratory layouts for speculative users and research; designing to accommodate world class research and researchers through flexible and efficient interior design and servicing strategies; researcher space assignments; and, targeting a BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating.  Attendees were all over the world including Germany, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, China and the USA.

Refer to our Projects page for more details on this project.

June 2020