Interaction Hub Reopens

The Shared Facilities building on the Welcome Trust Genome Campus has been reopened. The original social 'hub' for the campus (constructed in 1977 during the Human Genome Project campaign), was demolished keeping the roof and its structure, to modernise and enhance collaboration spaces and address environmental and acoustic issues. 

For use by the Sanger and EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institutes, the café and library have been co-located to encourage staff interaction. The Library provides a casual, mostly digital, environment for staff with access to the previously 'Hidden Garden'. The 'twisted boxes' relocate meeting rooms to the mezzanine to capture key vistas across the historic and newest parts of the campus.

The 'boxes' are clad in dark metal acoustic panels that are accentuated by bespoke acoustic perforations representing nearly 100 molecules that share an important place in the history of the campus' genetic and genomic research.

February 2015